An anchor in the territory
A support point for action.

In addition to being a UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization designation, the RMBMU is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2003 and is well rooted in its community. Its core mandate is to manage this designation through a strategic and collaborative planning that integrates all sectors of activity in the region.

RMBMU’s projects and accomplishments put into effect our collective will to diversify our region’s development options and to increase our world exposure. We are a project that has given rise to new opportunities for solidarity and pride.

The RMBMU concentrates its efforts on 4 different intervention axes through which the territory’s sustainable development must pass. They guide the organization’s actions.
The RMBMU anchors are the philosophy on which the organization rests.
The RMBMU makes continuous efforts to put in place new flexible and ethic leadership methods based on the co-operation of all its partners.
Jean-Philippe L. Messier
Carole-Anne Tanguay
Eve Ferguson
Godefroy Tardif
Geneviève Thibault
Guillaume Proulx
Myriam Chênevert
Manon Fortin
Angélique Morneau
The RMBMU acts as a reference and a catalyst in the field for sustainable development in order to integrate its self into all spheres of activity in the region.