The RMBMU wants to build a partnership with the youth, their networks and organizations. The goal is to understand their opinions, priorities, foster participation and to draw upon their co-operation in establishing projects.

The RMBMU firmly believes in the empowerment of youth and the recognition of their contributions to the region’s development. It expressed this by the creation of its Youth Advisory Group (YAG).

The YAG is a group of Manicouagan youth, aged 16 to 35, that integrates the governance of the RMBMU to enrich our deliberations and operational activities.

YAG members have a double mandate :

  • To enable the Manicouagan’s youth voice to affect the discourse and practices of the RMBMU.
  • To foster a sustained commitment from the youth in the RMBMU’s activities.

All who wish to join are asked to express this by e-mail on