To be a model region of sustainable development and to distinguish ourselves within a world network of excellence.

The RMBMU acts as a reference and a catalyst in the field for sustainable development in order to integrate its self into all spheres of activity in the region.


  • Ambition - To enthusiastically, patiently and with timely efficiency imagine achievements that go beyond our current reach. The RMBMU vision is a long-term project that will meet with success and resistance to change, against which the RMBMU will remain optimistic and sure of its mission.
  • Exemplarity - To act in such a way as to be an inspiring example to others. The RMBMU works with rigor, pride and conviction. It is a worthy ambassador for its community.
  • Solidarity - The RMBMU fully recognizes how precious its partners are and acts in the interests of the whole rather than the individual. It promotes an open and inclusive approach based on trust and co-operation. The RMBMU stands by the vitality of values, interests, nations and all forms of life living on the land. RMBMU’s solidarity is international and intergenerational and goes beyond its territory and current partners.
  • Innovation - The RMBMU is creative and constantly looking for new approaches. The innovation rests in the ability to manage risk and reactions to change, i.e. to be ready to try a promising approach without any guarantee of success and to know when to pull out when justified by context.