The conferences and courses recommended by the RMBMU aim to educate management and teams on the founding principles and concerns of Sustainable Development and to foster new thought processes.

Some companies engage in processes of Sustainable Development in order to meet stakeholders Individual or group with an interest in the organization’s activities or decisions (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, unions, NGOs, citizen, etc.). ’ changing conditions or expectations, to comply with regulatory changes or to bring growing risks under control. And there are those who engage spontaneously in order to mobilize the team around a unifying concept, to identify new opportunities or to revise their way of doing things. There is no right or wrong answer. Every kind of organization, regardless of its circumstances or motives, is able to reap economic, social and environmental benefits from such a process.

As such, the RMBMU offers a conference, tailored to your industry and type of company, on what the concept of Sustainable Development means in business and on the value added, both internally and externally.

Sustainable Development in Business
Tailor-Made Course/Conference
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