Enhance networking

Entering the world network of Biosphere Reserves means establishing a relationship with 669 other BR Biosphere Reserve in 120 countries, on every continents. One of the biggest advantages of the BR status is based on this unprecedented access for the region to a vast library of knowledge and to a potential partnership with the rest of the world.

Our territory can now easily weave links with 580 university chairs and 7,900 schools associated with the UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization network. The status of the RMBMU catalyses the opportunities of student mobility, business exchanges and knowledge inputs in our region by the increased curiosity that it brings to the scientific community, but also among tourists, entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

Local networking
The RMBMU promotes the reflection on sustainable development with projects looking to create a greater synergy among economic, social and environmental players of the territory.

International networking
UNESCO’s incredible global network is an unprecedented source of possibilities for this territory. The RMBMU is working to weave links and to make projects happen.