The Man and the Biosphere (MAB Homme et biosphère ) program is one of the main international programs used to deliberate and apply sustainable development. Started in the early 1970s, the program uses its world network of Biosphere Reserves as a place to exchange knowledge, research, constant observation, education and training as well as the taking of participatory decisions.

MAB supports enablement of abilities with the goal making Biosphere Reserves exemplary models of sustainability, dialogue and learning.

MAB actions are based on 3 main documents :

Statutory Framework of the World Network
It was developed with the goal of establishing a common understanding on regional and international levels. Its objective is to contribute to a vast recognition of Biosphere Reserves. It determines the procedures for designations, withdrawals, evaluations, support and the promoting of Biosphere Reserves.

The Seville Strategy
Adopted in 1995, it is with this strategy that the notion of sustainable development for Biosphere Reserves appears. Previously, it was centered on conservation and scientific research. In this sense, Seville represents a significant visionary shift that provided recommendations for the establishment of the necessary elements for the network to function well.

Madrid Action Plan
Ratified at the third World Congress, held in Madrid in February 2008, it proposes 67 actions that would make Biosphere Reserves the main sites dedicated to sustainable development at the international level. They would act as international, national and regional, interactive forums that would solicit new ideas and specific actions. These would establish dynamic relationships that were mutually beneficial between populations and the biosphere.

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