Towards a model region
of sustainable development.

As provided by UNESCO, the status of Biosphere Reserve is one of the main international tools for deliberation on sustainable development and its application. It includes the human dimension and also underpins regional development and wealth creation.

The sites belonging to the world network have taken on the great challenge of sustainability through dialogue.

Last projects

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Translation - yet to come.
The training recommended by the RMBMU aims to educate teams and management on the foundations and stakes of Sustainable Development and to initiate thought on its ways of doing things.
In 2015-16, the RMBMU formed a BNQ 21000 Cohort composed of four businesses in the region: Granijem, MD Communication, Microbrasserie St Pancras and the SADC Manicouagan.
ADNPlan Nord Symposium aimed to bring about better understanding and to better equip stakeholders in their approach to dialogue and partnership.
The city of Baie-Comeau, through its cultural developmental agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Communications, has mandated that the RMBMU conduct a study on the sustainability of local cultural organizations.


Tribute to Fred Roots

Our Canadian Biosphere Reserves family and the broad BR community just lost one of our most influential contributors, a founding father and a pioneer.